About Nic Dudek

I am a Washingtonian turned Arizonan but go frickin’ everywhere. If you want me to go, I will go. I’m a photographer that doesn’t really want to tell you that I take photos of the moments that you don’t necessarily see while its happening, but I’m telling you that anyway because thats what I do. I’m also pretty sarcastic like 99% of the time that my eyes are open, so take it or leave it. I super love weddings because I like parties and weddings are one giant party that revolves around a rad couple. I avoid perfect curation for EVERYTHING, my life, this website, anything social media, none of it is curated to please anyone other than myself, so its just a really sweet bonus if you love it too. I really like margaritas, tacos will do, but margs are required. I clearly like to ramble about things that are important to my heart, so if you like rambling, hang out with me.