I photographed a friend's wedding reception the other day. It was such a GREAT experience. A beautiful, late night backyard party, with bread bowls and hot chocolate, country music, and happy kids. The bride and groom are the sweetest, and I wish them the BEST marriage. 

Here are a few shots from that day. It was really REALLY hard to pick which ones I wanted to share, as I would love to share them all, especially as my first wedding experience. So bear with me, there are lots. Let me know what you think!

DSC_0139-2 copy.jpg
DSC_0193-2 copy.jpg
DSC_0094-2 copy.jpg
DSC_0250 copy.jpg
DSC_0306 copy.jpg
DSC_0209-2 copy.jpg
DSC_0331 copy.jpg
DSC_0175-2 copy.jpg
DSC_0177-2 copy.jpg
DSC_0500 copy.jpg
DSC_0634 copy.jpg
DSC_0614 copy.jpg
DSC_0462 copy.jpg
DSC_0848 copy.jpg
DSC_0930 copy.jpg
DSC_0690 copy.jpg
DSC_0452 copy.jpg
DSC_0132-3 copy.jpg
DSC_0004-3 copy.jpg
DSC_0049-3 copy.jpg
DSC_0578 copy.jpg
DSC_0109-3 copy.jpg
DSC_0050-3 copy.jpg

The end. Happy wedding day, you two.

PS. If you are reading this, I want to take your pictures, get ahold of me and lets plan something. 



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