So if you remember, I spoke of a photo contest nearly non stop last month. Shoot & Share hosts a huge one every year... This year there were over 330,000 photos entered, involving over 10,000 photographers from across the world.

30 of my images placed, here are the results (click the image to see the next):

I am THRILLED with how I did, especially for entering for the first time, in such a prestigious contest!

For specifics, if you're interested. The "top 100" photo placed 26th, specifically, in its category, out of thousands. The "finalist" image placed 521st, specifically in its category, out of 36,000 images. If you see yourself, and you're dying to know exactly what number your face placed, get ahold of me, I am more than happy to brag a little more.

If your face has been in front of my camera, THANK YOU. If your name is Brandi Howell (Simply Rustic Photography), THANK YOU. If you are my husband, THANK YOU. If you have ever liked and/or shared my work or mentioned my business, THANK YOU. I love you all.

Nicolette Dudek