Beth and Aaron.

All the way from Phoenix, AZ to rural Tuscany, Italy.

I scored a spot in the villa to photograph their really frickin’ gorgeous elopement in the, quite literally, rolling hills of Tuscany. Its been 7 months since this trip and I am STILL speechless. People ask me how it went, and all I can muster up is “so good”, just because there aren’t any words good enough to actually describe the experience. But let me tell ya somethin’;

With people like Aaron and Beth, getting married in Italy is the 3rd best thing about their story. Aaron and Beth themselves are tied for first. Is that cheesy? I hope so.

My point is, they are such GREAT people to be around, I spent a whole week with them in one house, and not once did I think “I want to go home”. That says it all, since the list of other people that I have done this with is VERY VERY short. They are so adventurous and laid back, with their hearts set not on something in particular, but to just enjoy the day.

Anyway, here is their wedding day story via photos:

Dress: Luv Bridal

Planning: Salvina Cernalbi-Hemmings,

Location: Cetona, Tuscany, Italy