I was just talking about Alex & JC today with another friend, about how she is probably the most all around good person I know. She is level headed, calm and collected, happy and reasonably optimistic, encouraging, determined, and so SO dedicated. And JC, he is inspiring, witty, and truly throws his whole heart into every single day. Shit, my son wants to be a pilot now, after hearing me talk about him. After talking with this friend, I felt inspired to share with you their wedding day. 

Alex is a nurse, and JC is a helicopter pilot. They will move around the world, together, to support the good ol’ USA, and save lives. Frick, aren’t they the coolest? Yeah, they are. 

Their wedding was VERY well executed, VERY beautiful, and VERY sincere. Everyone there truly love this couple and wanted to celebrate them. It is honestly so heart warming (I know right, my heart, warm? Weird.) to  see SO MUCH LOVE for two peeps in one room. 

Anyway, here is the wedding day story of two of the best people I know. 

A little FYI on vendors for this frickin’ awesome day, if you're wondering:

Dress: Luv Bridal;

Venue: Schnepf Farms;

Hair: Ciera;

Makeup: Emily;

Nicolette Dudek